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Girls who steal their cousins oversized torn tees and wear them with stilettos and tiny mini skirts.

They have a crush on Thom and love singing to Bjork.

These are girls who love matching their nail polish to the color of their boyfriend's turban.

They ride old bikes by the beach and secretly wait for him to text.

Girls who fall asleep in their clothes while on skype with their guy.

Girls who admire Emmanuelle and love typography.

They have secrets.

They lust for the bad ass sweet boys and eat grilled cheeses.

They love counting stars and wishing.

Girls who realize that all we have is now.

CHRLDR will be your newest fascination.
Super soft knit tops to a mosaic of delights, we hope you enjoy its whimsy as much as we do.

CHRLDR is You. CHRLDR is Me. CHRLDR is Us.

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